IFFO RS Certification Programme Monitoring and Evaluation System

The IFFO RS M&E system is intended to monitor the ability of the IFFO RS certification programme to achieve the impacts and outcomes listed below. IFFO RS is a global programme which aims to produce long-term environmental and economic change. The scope of the M&E system is limited to:

  • The management regime applied to, and stock status of, wild capture fisheries conducted primarily or entirely to harvest raw material for the production of marine ingredients.
  • The processing facilities and systems in place to convert raw material into marine ingredients.

It is important to recognise that the following are outside the scope of the M&E system (note this is not an exhaustive list):

  • The impact of influences other than human activity on stock status.
  • The level of resources available to fishery managers to enable effective fishery management.

Although there are further things that are currently outside the scope of the M&E system, they may be included in the future;

  • The management and stock status of fisheries conducted primarily or exclusively for human consumption, but from which by-products are sourced which are used for the production of marine ingredients. By-product raw material is currently subjected to a high-level fishery assessment only, and as such stands apart from whole fish raw material.
  • The management and status of aquaculture facilities from which raw material is sourced for the production of marine ingredients. Raw material from aquaculture is subject to only minor sourcing checks, conducted at the time of the on-site assessment.
  • The social aspects of fisheries and processing facilities, including fair pay and health and safety. At present there is a small social component to the factory assessment, and no social component to the fishery assessment. These are likely to be expanded in the future, and so the M&E process will broaden to ensure they are effectively monitored.


For information regarding the procedures and opportunities for stakeholder engagement, the schemes strategies, intended outcomes and impacts, indicators and a list of all the ongoing and planned impact evaluations, please see our M&E Public System Report Outline. Please be aware the M&E Public System Report Outline is a live document and will be improved upon and more detailed as we further develop our M&E system.

Should you have any comments, questions or complaints about the IFFO RS M&E system please contact Francisco Aldon (Head of Operations) via email at faldon@iffo.net or alternatively, call us on 0203 0539 195. (please note, formal complaints will need to be in written format).