Certified Plants / Sites
More than 110 factory sites / units have been independently audited and have achieved certification under the IFFO RS programme. A full list of all compliant units and their respective certificate can be found here
IFFO RS Standard V2.0 Development
This new revision is underway and the first 30 day public consultation for the draft fishery assessment criteria is now open. To submit your comments and find out more click here
Approved Raw Material
The raw material used is independently scientifically assessed and must meet the FAO Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries. Find the full list of compliant raw material and their respective assessment report
Getting Certified
The IFFO RS with its indepent third party audit and certification programme assures the value chain of marine ingredients that are responsibly sourced and responsibly produced - join us!
Fisheries Assessments Data Gathering and Information
The fisheries assessments data gathering is now the responsibility of the applicant. We have uploaded some basic information requirements and guidance documents to help you, please click here for more
IFFO RS Outreach
We believe that a credible standard should have great accessibility to all interested parties. We work hard to make this possible by holding a range of workshops around the world including Vietnam and Thailand. Click here to learn more.

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