About Us
IFFO RS currently covers over 40% of the world’s production of fishmeal and fish oil representing almost 2.5 million tons of combine production, with 4% of that coming from by-products and 65 by-product species now included.
The IFFO RS standard is set and developed by a multi-stakeholder group that comprises IFFO producers, NGO's and traders from several countries. Find a list here of stake-holders, mission, vision and objectives.
Getting Certified
The IFFO RS with its indepent third party audit and certification programme assures the value chain of marine ingredients that are responsibly sourced and responsibly produced - join us!
Certified Sites
More than 110 factory sites / units have been independently audited and have achieved certification under the IFFO RS programme. A full list of all compliant units and their respective certificate can be found here
Approved Raw Material
The raw material used is independently scientifically assessed and must meet the FAO Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries. Find the full list of compliant raw material and their respective assessment report
IFFO RS Statistics
The production of IFFO RS compliant material has been increasing over the years; find this information and some other graphs about RS compliant production here

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