Credibility - ISO17065

The ISO/IEC Guide 65:1996 is an International Standard that provides ‘general requirements for bodies operating product certification systems’ and has added a valuable endorsement to the IFFO RS Standard.  Guide 65 ensures that the resulting product certifications are impartial, consistent with international standards, and based on objective testing.

To meet the stringent standards required by ISO Guide 65, IFFO’s independent Certification Body had to demonstrate its compliance to ISO Guide 65 requirements in awarding certificates against the RS Standard. There were a number of steps involved in gaining accreditation including document review, office and witness assessments and the Accreditation Board review and decision making process for the IFFO RS. The preparation period from submission of application to accreditation Board decision was 2 years.

IFFO chose ISO Guide 65 accreditation because it has been adopted by the majority of standards owners as a consistent and transparent way of operating certification schemes. It is also a frequent requirement of the major retailers to demonstrate a well-managed standard.