Attending IMO meetings

Drs Neil Auchterlonie and Gretel Bescoby attended the 4th Sub-Committee meeting on Carriage of Cargoes and Containers (CCC4) at the IMO headquarters in London held the week of 11-15 September. IFFO was honoured to be part of the Peruvian delegation led by Vice Admiral Edmundo Deville del Campo and Captain of the Navy SGC Werner Meier Von Schierenbeck Martinez.

The proposed amendments to the shipping of fishmeal in the IMDG code made part of the discussions during the sub-committee meeting. Vice Admiral Edmundo Deville introduced the documentation that was submitted requesting the proposed amenments along with information on the laboratory results achieved during the fishmeal stability trial.

The proposed amendments received valuable support by a number of countries although concerns were expressed by a minority. The proposed amendments have been referred to the IMO 28th  Editorial and Technical Group (E&T) meeting will be held the week 18 – 22 September. IFFO will again be present as part of the Peruvian delegation, and we are extremely grateful for their help and support with the IMO procedures.